Achinpur by Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To CircleThe Unknown Place or in bangla the tile of the very book Achinpur by the famous literate of Bangladesh and icon of the quite a few generation of writers and wanderers and wonderers: Humayun Ahmed and in this edition of his world of imagination that he brings down to his readers and sheds the light of life upon it with his outreaching punning excellency, what does he mean by when he titles his book as “Achinpur” or as in English it would go by “The Unknown Place”??

The mystery is not revealed so just hold your horses of wondering what would be in it, rather the certain that is with the off going of the curtain, in this Humayun Ahmed Bangla book, he narrates the incident with first person. So we come to assume that the protagonist here is the writer himself. Now he flashes back in his childhood and recalls his memory of being thought about what is beyond death or what happens when a man dies?

And, He asks one of his maternal uncle Nobu Mama about it once evening when his uncle was taking a bath in pond and the question of the then little author who is the main character here strives sudden astonishment and fear in him. But the quest in his (protagonist’s) mind doesn’t stop even after so many years. So what comes forth? To know grab a hard copy or simply download this Bangla Book PDF. If you are interested on this Bangla novel, you may feel interest on other Humayun Ahmed books too.

Name Of The Book: Achinpur
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed

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