Andhakarer Gan By Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To Circle: The title Andhakarer Gan means the Song of the Darkness. Now what does the famous writer, novelist Humayun Ahmed wants to mean by it? If you are familiar with this Bangladeshi creator of thoughts, you would know the true meaning of unpredictability and if you are not, let me first tell you that like other writers, you won’t be at much liberty to imagine it within you that what happens to the next from the state you left the book reading, like you would be doing with many other literates.

So as we go for the review certainly the title doesn’t suggest anything clear to you. You might take it as a metaphor or a surrealistic thought. You may, but Humayun Ahmed wouldn’t. The Story kicks off with a little touch on a character of a boy naming Bulu.

Before giving any kind of a further furnish to this character there pops up two more characters: Mr. Mizan who happens to be the father of Bulu as the tell is told by and Chittyaranjan Datta the previous owner of  Bulu’s father Mr. MIzan’s newly bought house. Mr. Mizan’s happiness of his getting such an amazing house in such a cheap prize doesn’t last long as he finds out that Chittyaranjan Datta sold the same house to two more people and took advance from one other. And here starts the story. Want to know more? Go grab your own copy or have this Bangla Book Downloaded. Don't forget to check out other Humayun Ahmed books download page where some others popular books of Humayun Ahmed are available.

Name Of The Book: Andhakarer Gan
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed

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