Ekjon Himu o Koyekti Jhin Jhin Poka by Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To Circle: So the book Ekjon Himu o Koyekti Jhin Jhin Poka by Humayun Ahmed is one on the most wonderful and exciting piece of Humayun Ahmed books by a man who in modern Bangla literature has made a legendary place of his own by creating so many outstanding masterpieces, so many characters of free will and the picture of every common man’s fantasy, Humayun Ahmed is beyond any doubt the pioneer to many a people who might have become wandered in a true sense as they find in the character Himu.

However the title in English implies “One Himu and a few crickets”. Himu is a free will man who is thought to be the parallel existence of Humayun Ahmed. Now what would he be doing with some crickets? As you start, you will find him helping a woman in sari and then having a car trip with her. The same girl who he met month back at a secret wedding of one of his cousins in court and tells her to change the frame of her glasses and she does so.

But just after a month, Himu meets her and fails to recognize. Suddenly he realizes the girl changed her glass’s frame and in her Himu fails to find the real face he tends to find when people laugh. Now, Does Himu fall in love with this girl? Does the girl take him to a new world of imagination and realization? What comes next? To know just go on internet and download this Bangla Book PDF.

Name Of The Book: Ekjon Himu o Koyekti Jhin Jhin Poka
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed
Type Of The Book: Bangla Novel

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