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Before writing about us, we are showing you our dream first. We strongly dream and believe on that one day Life To Circle will be a better place to acquire and share knowledge, discussion(by comments of yourselves and us together with your love to Life To Circle. We hope that we will be able to achieve your love to our blog. But, We are not considering Life To Circle is only for us, We think it as a common place for all of us(including you and us...for all!

Our fundamental identity for the web is that we are some passionate bloggers who are basically students of various universities. Some of us are at the last year of completing graduation and some of us are studying at post graduate level. Our subjects of study are different types such as some bloggers of Life To Circle are studying with English and some bloggers of life to circle are studying with Computer and Information Technology. On The other hand, some of our bloggers friends of life to circle are studying with business subjects such as Accounting, Management and Finance. This is the introduction of ourselves! If you want to write for Life To Circle, You are always welcome for quality article. You can sent your written article(following existed categories on this blog) to Life To Cirlce Inbox(lifetocircle@gmail.com)!

However, We are proud to write on Life To Circle in the purpose of providing important information, tips and tricks on different topics such as Computer tips, Blogging tips, Writing tips, Google Tips, Mobile Tips, Mobile Review, Life Style Tips, Educational Tips, Make Money Online Tips and Guidelines, Facebook Tips, Internet Browsing Tips, Tutorial on Various Topics, Free Bangla Book Download, Symphony Mobile, Walton Mobile, Nokia Mobile, Samsung Mobile, Motivation and Small Business. Frankly speaking, we are lover of books. We like to read books and want to share our acquired knowledge with others. Basically, The blog named Life To Circle has been conducted only for that purpose by us. If you think you are fond of acquiring knowledge and sharing attained knowledge with others, you can write on Life To Circle and share your wisdom! Not only that, we are lie to link back to our honorable guest bloggers, so that it can be good for your blog as well as for readers to know details about a author. If you are interested, You can sent your written article(following existed categories on this blog) to Life To Cirlce Inbox(lifetocircle@gmail.com)!

We are trying out best to give on Life To Circle after completing our regular study, tasks and books reading. We are mentioning the phrase "reading book" very often, right? You may feel that we are shouting that we are reading books. Basically, we are fond of this habit from our very childhood. And, we want that if you have not this habit yet, You should try this out to have. The objective of shouting for that is it only. Read books or informative blogs to learn, and share your knowledge with others. This is the theme of Life To Circle Team! 

Note that, we've written the "about us" page informally so that we can touch your heart and keep you with us. We respect relation whether it is relative relation or writer-readers(blogger-readers) relation. We just want you as a friend and your presence beside us.

The system is very easy! You can join our Facebook Page, Google Plus Page, Twitter Page or You can bookmark our RSS feed. In the near future, We will bring more ways to build and maintain the relation with you! As a friend, we are trying to deliver you our best and we are continuely trying to improve ourselves so that we can give you more helpful, enjoyable, funny, and entertained staffs.

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