Poka by Humayun Ahmed

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Download Bangla Book PDFPoka is a book of Humayun Ahmed. In this book, you see different types of stories he has written. You may like this book If you like Humayun Ahmed books.

Altaf Hossain who is one kind of fool has a lot of names at the end of his name. Altaf Hossain B.A (Honors), M.A, B.T, L.L.B.

There is some history behind these Titles of Altaf Hossain. The hero of this novel of Humyun Ahmed titled “POKA” is Altaf Hossain. He is a man who knows everything about him and what will happen to him next time. He already knows that he will be married off his cousin Dulari.

Dulari is a beautiful girl. But Altaf Hossain is one kind of fool. So, why is the reason behind his married? Actually, Dulari gets crazy to marry him. Now, the question is why Dulari get crazy for marrying a fool man?

There is a lot of question I created for you and if you want to know all of the questions, you have to read this book of Humayun Ahmed “Poka”.

The story of this book is really awesome and the writer is also a popular and great writer in Bangladesh. So, if you are looking a good writer book, this will be the best book for you.

Book Name: Poka
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

So, If you need the book named Poka by Humayun Ahmed, You need to download it to read. To download the book, You need to click here!

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