Bangla Novel Debi By Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To Circle:   Debi is a comprehensive book of the famous ‘Misir Ali Series’ written by Humayun Ahmed. Misir Ali is another popular character created by Humayun Ahmed like Himu. Misir Ali always thinks different than general people. Debi is the story of a young girl, narrated by the girl herself.

Some years ago Humayun Ahmed was going to visit a young girl. At that time, Humayun Ahmed was popular enough by his writing. The girl was appeared suddenly and gone back! However, after seeing and hearing the story of that girl, Humayun Ahmed is resorting that story and decided to write a novel about that girl. And the written novel is Debi.

It is the former story of writing one of the famous Misir Ali books of Humayun Ahmed. Misir Ali, popular character is created by Humayun Ahmed. As he differs from other, Misir Ali does not believe in any paranormal activities. He always thinks there is a logic or way to discover the reality. And he always became successful. But in this book, Misir Ali also feels something that he should not. So, what Misir Ali did next you just have to download this Bangla PDF Book.

Humayun Ahmed changes Misir Ali’s believe in this book. Download this book named Debi and sees how Misir Ali tries to analyze all the psychological segments from it. But He can't fully! Why? Download this Humayun Ahmed books.

Name Of The Book: Debi
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed

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