Islam Shikkha or Islamic Studies NCTB Text Book For Class 9-10

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If you need text book of class nine and ten,  in Bangla Books PDF you can read or you can free download the text book or NCTB books of class 9-10.

Are you looking for Islam shikkha or Islamic studies NCTB text book for class 9 & 10? Here you will find this book as two versions and the one is Bangla version and the other is English version.

As a Muslim you have to know the rule of Islam and the regulation of it.

The high status of knowledge has been established very strongly in Islam through the Quran and Hadith.

To seek knowledge is a duty or it is obligatory on every Muslim... male and female. The first word revealed of the Qur’an was "Iqra" READ! Seek knowledge! Educate yourselves! Be educated and thus you will be a good man.

So, try to collect the knowledge of Islam because Islamic knowledge is must know to everyone for being a good man. Islam Shikkha is taught of all student of class one to class ten in Bangladesh.

Book Name: Islam & Moral Education
Book Type: NCTB Text Book

To get the NCTB text book of class 9-10 named Islam & Moral Education for class nine & ten, you need to click here! English Version!  (Bangla Version is not available right now!)

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