5 Ways To Prevent Your Skin From Premature Aging

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It is so much natural that we grow day by day. As we grow, it reflects in our face. Our face becomes matured as per our age. Human skin change is very much associated with age.

But premature aging occurs to almost 27% people in developed countries. That means sometimes some people look more aged than his or her real age.

It happens as some fine lines and wrinkles appear on face at an early age. Generally these signs are supposed to appear at 40’s. But in some cases these appear much earlier than 40. Then it is called premature aging.

Reasons of Premature Aging: There are various reasons behind premature aging.
1. Environmental causes of premature aging
2. Human created causes of premature aging
3. Hormonal causes of premature aging
4. Physiological causes of physiological

One of the major environmental causes of premature aging is UVA rays of Sun. It is also called ‘aging rays’ as it causes maximum damages to our skin. It causes pigmentation and darkening for which skin becomes dry, scaly, leathery, wrinkled with dark patches. Thus it accelerates the process of aging.

Another mention-able cause of premature aging is stress and lack of sleep. Stress and insufficient sleeping jointly result to reduce some hormones from our body as growth hormones which nourish both skin and hair. Smoking is another reason of premature aging. Smoking harms our body greatly. As a result of smoking, free radicals increase in our skin which accelerates the process of premature aging. Taking drugs and drinking alcohol also are two vital causes of premature aging. The person, who smokes, takes drugs or drinks alcohol looks older than his real age.

Signs of Premature Aging Skin: Generally the signs of premature aging appear in skin. Though most of the damages caused by premature aging are visible, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify whether the signs are for premature aging or simply regular skin signs.

By the way, in this article, I'm going to show you some ways to prevent skin from premature aging. If you can apply properly, these method may help one to prevent premature aging skin.

1. Use Sunscreen
When you are out of your home or in the sun light, use sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA rays of Sun. People of all ages should use it daily through the whole year because UVA rays of Sun can cause skin cancer.

2. Remove Your Stress
Stress makes you older than what are you. It hampers our natural life style and make disturbance in our sleeping which cause much problems in our skin. So, we should remove stress to be free from premature aging. We should not be worried about the small things of our life.

3. Sleep Properly
Naturally every man needs to sleep daily 6-7 hours. It helps keep healthy avoiding any skin diseases like premature aging.

4. Eat Fresh and Balanced Diet
A balanced diet is very significant for our physical and mental growth. Premature aging is also caused for malnutrition. So, one should ensure a balanced diet to maintain proper growth. Fruits and vegetables are useful for skin. Everyone should include fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.

5. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol
If one smokes cigarette regularly, it will impact badly on his/her skin. On the other hand, taking alcohol also very harmful for skin.

One should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as strictly they cause huge damage in our skin.

Skin is the most sensitive part of human body that should be taken care of regularly and properly. The best and most effective way to prevent skin from aging is to live a healthy and happy life. Though the goal is tough and it takes a lot of patience, but who wants to be looked aged before the real age? No one.

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