Falling Wedge Chart Pattern

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Falling wedge chart pattern is just opposite to rising wedge chart pattern but it is also a reversal or continuation chart pattern.

So, we are going to tell you about this one in this class where there are two types of wedge chart pattern. This class is about falling wedge chart pattern. So if you want to make money with this chart pattern, you should keep attention to this class!

However, there is no chance to be missed any easy description to make you understand if you don't miss it yourself !!!

Falling wedge chart pattern

When price makes consolidate between resistance and support by downward slope, a rising wedge pattern is formed. You have to notice well that the upper line(resistance) will be more downward than the down line(support). It is usually a bearish chart pattern which may give a strong down trend with the same height of the pattern or it may goes down more.

falling wedge chart pattern
We again repeat these sentence for their high importance!
We always say that the more important is identify a chart pattern instead of trading it. Because, wrong identification may lead you to loss.

So listen our lecture very carefully at our each class!
wedge chart pattern
 Notice the image above. It shows that the falling wedge acted as a reversal chart pattern here. But this is not the last ! We have more example for you!
Falling wedge chart pattern example
We will now show you a continuation chart pattern. Enjoy this well ! See below for knowing what happened later.

wedge chart pattern falling wedge

A falling wedge chart pattern is a bullish chart pattern. If you found it in a down trend, you may expect for a reversal. On the other hand, if you found it in a up trend, You may expect for continuation the trend.

However, don't make your expectation very high! For this reason, try to follow your risk management rules strictly.

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