Bangla Novel Uralpongkhi by Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To CircleUralpongkhi by Humayun Ahmed is one of the well-recognized literary pieces of Humayun Ahmed who was originally a student of science but spread his wings in the line of literature, movie making and spiritual songs. He was a great admirer of Fokir Lalon Shah, Hason Raja and Baul songs. Humayun Ahmed has written many Bangla books on different subjects regarding human life.

Uralponkhi is a novel where Muhib is the central character. Muhib is an educated bachelor who falls in love with a girl named Juthi. Muhib with some of his friends try to form an organization. Humayun Ahmed neatly wrote this Bangla book keeping Muhib in center.

And, A young boy’s passion for love, work, his struggle all are presented in a way that like all other characters of Humayun Ahmed, Muhib is also a lively character with his different characteristics. Muhit and Juthi love each other and decide to be married. Events get dramatically different after their marriage. Download Uralpongkhi by Humayun Ahmed and read what happens to Muhib, Juthi and Muhib’s friends. And also check out other popular Humayun Ahmed books download page.

As a responsive writer Humayun Ahmed has always written stories closer to human life. This novel Uralponkhi is also that kind of close to life Bangla book. Have this Bangla PDF book in your collection and experience the smooth writing of humayun Ahmed. Just download Uralpongkhi by Humayun Ahmed and start reading.

Name Of The Book: Uralpongkhi
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed
Type Of The Book: Bangla Novel

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