Bangla Novel Dui Duari By Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To CircleHumayun Ahmed is the most famous writer of Bangla literature. He wrote the novel on the love story, Misir Ali, Himu and many other subjects. But Dui Duari is entirely different from them. Dui Duari is a mystery story book. Humayun Ahmed felt curious about the mysterious character or story. Dui Duari is the product of this thinking.

Martin Saheb is driving his car at the rate of ninety kilometers per hour. This is only natural speed in the highway of the Dhaka - Maymansing route. Suddenly, He discovers that a man is at the mid road.

And the man is not attempting to escape from the attack of the car. Thereby, an accident has occurred. Matin Saheb and his daughter Mitu became afraid. They went back to the man from that place for the purpose of carrying him to the hospital. They believed that the man had died. But when Matin Saheb came to the man and called him the man opens his eyes. To know what happened next to Martin Saheb and this mysterious man, download this Bangla Book.

Humayun Ahmed has written many novels with many characters. Some of the characters those are very mysterious. In the Bangla novel named Dui Duari, there is a mysterious character which is out of any narration. Download this Humayun Ahmed Books and enjoy a mysterious man's story. Download this Bangla Book.

Name Of The Book: Dui Duari
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed

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