Neel Aparajata by Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To CircleNeel Aparajita is one of the best story of Humayun Ahmed books. Humayun Ahmed wrote many stories, novel on many types of subject. He left his works in every part of Bangla literature. Neel Aparajita is a story of a popular writer.

One upon a time, a popular writer had gone to a local area for the purpose of staying few days alone and to be attentive to his writing. He wants to check that is village natural effect on writing. But after going there, some interesting thing is really starting to happen. The writer wants a silent and quiet place for thinking some new and good writing.

Nevertheless, he got that his care take is talkative. Not only his caretaker, but also most of the people of this village talk more than need. They thought that the writer is a big person. So, they always try to speak to the writer. If you want to know what happens next to the popular writer download this Bangla Book.

In this book, Humayun Ahmed wrote about the embarrassment of fame. The popular writer had gone to the village for a new climate which became better for his writing. Nevertheless, village peoples create some unwanted problem. To know the full story you have to download this Bangla PDF Book named Neel Aparajita. Something interesting is waiting for you.  Download this Humayun Ahmed Bok.

Name Of The Book: Neel Aparajata
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed

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