Tweezers Top Candlestick Pattern

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Tweezers Top Candlestick PatternTweezer Tops candlestick chart pattern is a candlestick pattern which usually seen in a extended uptrend.

It is a reversal candlestick chart pattern.

When it comes in a chart, You may expect that a reversal may be coming soon.

Direction:-- Bearish or Down Trend.
Type of This Pattern: reversal
Reliability on This Pattern: Week.

To find this candlestick pattern in a chart, you have to give your eyes in an uptrend.

The first candle must be a bullish candle. The second candle will be a bearish candle which indicate that the down momentum may be started.

However, the most important thing to recognize this pattern is its height.

Tweezers Top Candlestick Pattern

Take a look in the above pic. Two candle's high will be same.

If You found this in your chart, wait for another confirmation.

Another confirmation may be a bearish candlestick formation after the pattern formation. Or you can take a confirmation from another forex trading tool.

However, our lesion is, 'NEVER PLAY WITH THIS PATTERN ALONE'

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