Hanging Man Candlestick Chart Pattern

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Hanging Man Candlestick Chart PatternHanging man candlestick pattern usually come in a up trend.

It does not give  a sell signal. It just warn for potential price direction changing probability.

To trade with this candlestick pattern, You have to wait until a bearish candle after it.

If a bearish candlestick forms after a hanging man, trend is confirmed. You may play with the down trend.

However, don't trade hanging man alone. Wait for the confirmation and another source of trend confirmation. If this confirmation does not come, do not trade at this time.

Remember, a good Forex trader, can use his opportunity well. He can stop away from bad opportunities. And in Forex market trading opportunities will come again and again. So, you need to earn patience like rat catching by cat.

Hanging Man Candlestick Chart Pattern

Bearish or Downtrend

Type of this pattern:

Reliability on this pattern:

Hanging man candlestick chart pattern can be found in a chart most often time. Its long shadow indicates that seller was able to make bearish the price. But at that time buyer place their all efforts to up the price, but they can not make bullish it more. Because there are no more buyer at this time. Then seller come and force the market to go down.
Hanging Man Candlestick Chart Pattern 
Major Factors Of Hanging Man Candlestick Chart Pattern...

1. The price in an uptrend.
2. Gap up.
3. Lower shadow which are at least twice as big as real body. 
4. Small real body bullish. Better if it is bearish.
5. A bearish candle which confirmed the sell signal from this pattern.
6. And you have got a Hanging man candlestick pattern. And there was the trading system with this pattern also.


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