Motku Mamar Goenda Avijan by Anisul Hoque

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Motku Mamar Goenda Avijan by Anisul Hoque is Bangla comedy book which is written by Anisul Hoque.

This book is a really funny book and the author writes this book for the children who love to read Bangla funny book.

From this book, you will get two different types of tastes.

One taste is you will get a detective story from this book and the other is a funny story.

You will get two in one from this book. The main character of this book, Mama is awesome for his fatness.

In this book, most of the funny things happen with the Motku Mama and all things are happen because of his fat.

Anisul Hoque has written many Popular books and these books are Selai by Anisul Hoque/ Ma by Anisul Hoque/ Asshadimbo by Anisul Hoque/ Kheya by Anisul Hoque/ Na- Manosi Jomin by Anisul Hoque/ Jara Vor Enecilo by Anisul Hoque etc.

By the way, get all books of Anisul Hoque and achieve the Bangla literature knowledge.

So, download the Bangla funny Story Book Motku Mamar Goenda Avijan by Anisul Hoque and Read to Enjoy!

Book Name: Motku Mamar Goenda Avijan
Writer Name: Anisul Hoque

To download this Bangla book named Motku Mamar Goenda Avijan by Anisul Hoque,  click here!

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