Morning Star Candlestick Chart Pattern

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morning star patternMorning star candlestick chart pattern is a reversal candlestick chart pattern. It usually come an exhausted downtrend to indicate that an uptrend may come.

If you want to recognize well this candlestick pattern in your chart, read the following description of it below.

Direction:-- Bullish or uptrend

Type of this pattern: reversal

Reliability on this pattern: High

Morning Star Candlestick Chart Pattern

Morning star candlestick pattern starts with a downtrend continuation. first candlestick will be a bearish candle. The second will start with a gap. The second can be a bearish candle or a bullish candle. But it has a small body. After second candle forming, the third will start opening with a gap. and it will be a bullish candle.

If you find all of these in a candlestick chart, You have got a morning star pattern.
Morning star candlestick pattern  

Major Factors For Morning Star Candlestick Chart Pattern...

1. A nice downtrend.
2. A bearish candle
3. gap between the first candle and the second candle.
4. A small bearish candle. But it can be bullish. No problem what is the candle, but it have to be small body.
5. Gap between the second candlestick and the third candlestick.
6. A bullish candlestick formed.
7. Finally, This is a morning star candlestick pattern.

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