Evening Star Candlestick Chart Pattern

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Evening Star Candlestick Chart PatternEvening star candlestick pattern is a reversal candlestick chart pattern. It usually comes at the end of an exhausted up trend. It is a bearish reversal candlestick pattern.

When it comes, it indicates that the up trend may be going to be end and a new downtrend may be started. It has high reliability to perform on the chart.

Direction:-- Bearish or Downtrend
Type of this pattern: reversal

Reliability on this pattern: High

For evening star candlestick pattern formation, Price should be in a uptrend. After evening star pattern coming, The price may change its direction. This pattern is an indication that a reversal may be coming next.

Evening Star Candlestick Chart Pattern

Major Factors of Evening Star Candlestick Chart Pattern...

1. Price in a uptrend
2. A bullish candle.
3. A gap up.
4. A small bearish candle. But it can be bearish. No problem what is the candle bullish or bearish, but it has     to be small body.
 5. A gap down.
6. A bearish candlestick.
7. Finally, This is an evening star candlestick pattern.


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