Using Your PC To Repeat Rooster Alarm On Windows Seven

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Free Computer Tips Desk Of Life To Circle:  The following computer tips is going to narrate on Using Your PC To Repeat Rooster Alarm On Windows Seven.
Windows Seven Tips -005: You may wish so that your PC can be your virtual assistant. It can wake you up in the morning. Then your everyday repeating rooster on Windows 7 will help you to do that. You can follow the Windows 7 Tips to make your computer more alive than ever.

Step 1: Go to the Windows Support Center. Then search rooster for Windows 7.

Step 2: Download the add-on for your version.

Step 3: Then click on your desktop right-down corner.

Step 4: Choose the “Alarm” option.

Step 5: Select tone “Repeating rooster”. Turn on it on your cherished time.

Step 6: Click “OK”.

Your selection will make your PC to repeat rooster on Windows 7. Your version will take it applicable for daily activity. At morning, your PC will automatically start, if the power supply is turned on. Following this Windows 7 Tips will entertain you and create a schedule for daily activity.