How To Create VHDs On Windows7

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Free Computer Tips Desk Of Life To Circle:  The following computer tips is going to narrate on How To Create VHDs On Windows7.

Windows Seven Tips -006: Creating VHD such as Virtual Hard Disc is a simple and easy to go process for you. Following below steps which is provided by Windows 7 Tips will help to create it. VHDs act like the original hard disc. Starting with Windows 7, you can mount VHDs like a physical disc and configure to boot from it. Here are process for the task.

Step 1: Go to the Disc Management Console.

Step 2: Right click on the “Disc Management”.

Step 3: Click on the “Create VHD”. While doing so, you much attach it and format it before you can use it. Follow the prompts that appear.

Step 4: Right click on the “New Disc” and then click “Initialize Disc”. After that click on “OK”.

Step 5: You have to click on the right click upon “New simple volume” and must follow the prompts that appears. Your new virtual disc is ready to be used just like the other discs.

With bootable VHDs, you will be able to do as you wish. This Windows 7 Tips helps you to create a VHD.