Tips For System Restore In Windows 7 -Less Drive Space

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Windows Seven Tips -041: You may wish to restore your system to a previous version of any software. System restore option with less drive space will give you the advantage to restore everything as before.

This Windows 7 tip will provide you about some tips on restoring system. Steps are to be followed given downward:

Step 1: First go to Start menu. Type “System Restore” in the search box. It will open an option involving the topic restoring system.

Step 2: From the system restore option, you can choose a recommended system restore point. The restore point is the recent one.

Step 3: For less drive space, choose the option “Choose a different restore point”. Then click on Next button.

Step 4: After picking up a restore point, it will show if there is any affected programs or not.

Step 5: Choose the option for reinstall from your current restore point and needed less drive space. Confirm the restore point and click Finish.

Step 6: Your system restore process will begin after restarting the computer.

With following above windows 7 tip titled Tips For System Restore In Windows 7 -Less Drive Space, it will simply restore your system.