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People who are using Bangla to communicate with each other using English language seems tough to capture word meaning between two language. Sometimes, one faces problem to remember the meaning of an English word to Bangla. On the contrary, sometimes one faces problem to remember the meaning of a Bangla word to English. For such kind of problem, We need to use English to Bangla Dictionary and Bangla to English dictionary.

On the other hand, learning new English words is another important use of an English to Bangla dictionary. Nevertheless, Bangla to English Dictionary is also useful to learn English words.

From just above concept, I am presenting you a English to Bangla Dictionary software which can be used as Bangla to English Dictionary too. Because, It has two sides privileges. On the other hand, It has meaning of the Holy Al-Koran. So, after installation of this dictionary software, you don't need to search any other Bangla Al-Koran Software! Basically, If you have used E2B dictionary for mobile before, You may understand  that how simplicity and user experience can be expected this English to Bangla Ditionary for PC or Bangla to English dictionary for pc! But if you are willing to get an English to Bangla Dictionary for your android mobile, you need to go download English to Bangla dictionary for android mobile where couples of dictionaries is available.

If you are a native Bangla language speaker and are using English for various important reasons such as preparing study materials or study objectives, work process in English and communication etc, sometimes, having an English to Bangla dictionary nearby may be necessary. Because, as non-native English speaker, sometimes we face the problem to retrieve the word meaning of an English word to Bangla rapidly. Then, we need an English to Bangla dictionary. If you are in this concept and willing to keep an English to Bangla dictionary, This page of Life To Circle is going to present you to get download free English to Bangla dictionary for your computer. On the other hand, whenever you sit down to your computer, you can use this English to Bangali dictionary of PC edition to learn new English words with the Bangla meaning.

On the other hand, Sometimes we have a Bangla word which is needed to be translated into English meaning or getting the English meaning of a Bangla word. You can use this dictionary for this job too.

Screen Shot Of Free English To Bangali Dictionary For PC

Take a view on Bangla Al-Koran section of this English to Bangali dictioanry

What is Now?

If you are interested to get this English to Bangla dictionary which is three in one such as English to Bangali dictionary for PC, Bangla to English dictionary for PC and Bangla Al-koran software, you may download it.

To download English to Bangla dictionary 
developed by MD. Waliul Islam Mandal, you need to click here.

Note: It is a very small sized software for PC which is only 2.4 MB and in Zipped file which you need to unzip first and can be used on the operating system titled Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8.

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