How To Make High Resolution Icons on Windows Seven -Short Ways

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Free Computer Tips Desk Of Life To Circle:  The given computer tips is about to present step by step instruction on How To Make High Resolution Icons on Windows Seven.

Windows Seven Tips -017: High resolution icon will change your desktops look in Windows 7. You feel more frequently with your customize icon. If you follow this Windows 7 Tips, you can change desktop, application and folder icons.

Step 1: At first make or design your own High Resolution icons with Photoshop or any icon making software. You can transfer any image to icon file using these software.

Step 2: To change the desktop icon right on any empty place on desktop. Then select “Personalize” and select next Change desktop icons from left bar. And select Change icon. Then browse your high resolution icon. Press Ok. Then press OK after pressing Apply.

Step 3: To change folder icon Right Click on folder and select Properties. Select Change Icon from the Custom tab. Browse your icon and press Apply and then Ok.

Step 4: To change shortcuts icon Right Click on the shortcut and select Properties. Click on Change icon from the Custom tab. Choose your High Resolution icon And press Ok after hit on Apply button.

Just follow the Windows 7 Tips titled How To Make High Resolution Icons on Windows Seven and change your desktop environment with your favorite choice.