How To Save The Search Data On Windows 7

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Free Computer Tips & Tricks Desk Of Life To Circle:  The shown computer tips is going to discuss on How To Save The Search Data On Windows Seven.

Windows Seven Tips -031: Saving Search Data is often a great deal to be done. It saves the data that you searched on your own hard drive. Windows 7 tips will provide you about the easiest ways to save the search data. Then you need not to search again and again.

Just search files for once and keeps it as many times as you like. Here are tips for saving the search data on Windows7:

Step 1:
Take your mouse cursor to upside right corner. Click on the search box and search the item you are looking for.

Step 2: Click on the “Save search” button in Explorer to continue searching and saving the data.

Step 3: When you will go back to Explorer, your saved search data will be shown under “Favorites” tab.

Step 4: Another way is to drag your searched data to “Favorites” tab. It will save the searched data.

Step 5: The easiest way to save the search data on Windows 7 is to create a shortcut on the desktop. You will be able to get a free access from here.

With these 5 steps of Windows 7 tips titled How To Save The Search Data On Windows 7, your searching and saving experience of data will be more comfortable and easier.