How To Change A Custom Logon Screen Background On Windows 7

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Computer Tips Desk Of Life To Circle:  The shown computer tips is going to discuss on How To Change A Custom Logon Screen Background On  Windows Seven 

Windows Seven Tips -032: A sophisticated personalize enhances the using experience of Windows 7. You can now easily custom your Logon Screens for Windows7. Some easy to go process are shown underneath by Windows 7 tips for customization of Logon Screens. Following suggestion will guide you through this:

Step 1: Firstly you need to enable custom design from Registry editor. This option is disabled by default.

Step 2: Opening the Registry editor, double-click on the OEMBackground value and set its value to 1. As you have selected a new theme, it will automatically disable all the preference and personalization.

Step 3:
Open Group Policy Editor and set the option called “Always use custom login background”. Make it enabled for your Windows.

Step 4: File which will be selected for Logon screen must be smaller than 256 KB. Rename your background screen image as “backgroundDefault.jpg”. Save this file to the directory of default logon screen files of system32.

Step 5: Replace the default image with the selected image and the change will take place immediately. There is no requirement of rebooting.

Next time when your PC will boot up, your customized logon screen will appear. The Windows 7 tips titled How To Change A Custom Logon Screen Background On Windows 7 showed you how to make such personalization for your own Windows 7 operating system.