How to Write on Facebook Status with Blue Color

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This is a funny trick by which you can make fun on your Facebook status and show your efficiency to take credit in front of your friends. Your Facebook friends(Who does not know the following trick of making Facebook status on blue color) may feel you great! However, Facebook status is black by default status system. But by following this simple trick, You can write Facebook status in blue color. So, If you have question that How can Facebook status be written in blue color, It is going to be answered or solved here!

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: write here]]

This is the code. In this code, notice that two word called "write here". When you will give status on your Facebook timeline, First place this code on the status box and write on the "write here" text. Before writing, "write here" text should be terminated and your status can be given. For more information, Just check out the above image. That image includes a sample Facebook status which will be in blue color after hitting the "post" button. However, If you make your Facebook status like the above narrated way, When you will publish your Facebook status, the status will be in blue color instead of black! isn't interesting?