Tips For Harmonizing Dual Boot Setup: Windows 7 & Linux

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Free Computer Tips Desk Of Life To Circle:  The given computer tips is about to describe on How To Harmonizing Dual Boot Setup: Windows Seven  & Linux.

Windows Seven Tips -015: Harmonizing Dual Boot Setup is simple work to do for you. This option harmonized dual boot setup gives you a chance to use Windows and Linux at a time. You don’t need to install one OS over another. You can use this two OS in a PC and chose to run once at boot time. This Windows 7 Tips guides you to do it.
Linux only supports NTFS formatted partition. And windows can’t read any system file of Linux. So at first you need to divide your computer partition.

Step 1: Divide your hard disc partition into 4. 1 for Windows, 1 for Linux, Big one for storing your file and some memory for swap partition.

Step 2: Move your all data from that store which you select for Linux to your storage partition.

Step 3: Install Linux based operating system on the selected partition.

Step 4: Reboot your computer and chose your choice from a list of Windows and Linux.

The basic computer tips titled How To Harmonizing Dual Boot Setup: Windows 7 & Linux has been presented for those who are fans of both operating systems. So, just follow the Windows 7 Tips and enjoy your twice favorite operating system on a computer.