How To Use 'Dexpot' for Virtual Desktops on Windows

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Windows Seven Tips -014: Multiple monitors are a great tool for increased efficiency. Using Dexpot, you will get some of the efficiency benefits of having multiple desktops without needing two displays. It helps you to do much work at a time. Dexpot is a Virtual Desktops software for Windows 7. It is hard for who don’t know the use of Dexpot. This Windows 7 Tips gives you the method to use Dexpot. Follow the instruction below:

Step 1: Dexpot’s installation procedure is about as easy as it gets. Download the installation files from and run it, making sure not to install the toolbar that it tries to bring with it.

Step 2: After installed, run Dexpot. Check out your new virtual desktops. You can use more or less than 4 virtual desktops.

Step 3: Now you need to Navigate your desktops. Click the Dexpot icon and choose a different desktop. To exchange any apps from one desktop to another Right Click on the program window and use Dexpot context menu item.

Now you can use your virtual desktop with the help of this Windows 7 Tips titled Using 'Dexpot' for Virtual Desktops on Windows .