Data Safety On Windows 7: Backup Your Data To A Virtual Drive

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Windows Seven Tips -045: Sometimes it’s very important to backup important files. Today Windows 7 tips will review how to back up data on a Virtual drive.

Step-1: Start with Right click on Computer→Management→Disk management→ Action\ Create VHD→ Select a location on your machine→Right-click the left box and Initialize Disk→ Right-click the Unallocated area→New Simple Volume.

Step-2: A new Simple Volume Wizard will open, from here you can format the volume. Completing with a level you can finish VHD creation.

Step-3: Now open Windows 7 Backup and restore→Click on Set up backup→VHD. It might say there isn’t enough space, so we’ll use to let me choose to pick up a specific files.

Step-4: Now select your files. Also you can use the schedule backup. After you have everything selected, recheck your backup settings and click Save settings and run backup.

Step-5: Backup will start. Take time backup will complete. Next time you can manually create a backup.

So enjoy creating backup of your important files in the easiest way by the Windows 7 tips titled .