How To Manage Navigation Pane Easily In Windows 7

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Computer Tips Desk Of Life To Circle:  The shown computer tips is going to discuss on How To Manage or Customize Navigation Pane Easily In Windows Seven.

Windows Seven Tips -046: While working with a lot of files and folders which included sub folders, management of the navigation pane becomes mandatory for you. There are some easy ways to manage the navigation pane easy for your Windows 7 OS. Some easy steps which are provided by Windows 7 tips will get your navigation pane well managed. Here is the process to go through:

Step 1: There are five locations located on Computer, Network, Homegroup, Libraries and Favorites. But you need to choose the navigation pane from another directory. Open up Windows Explorer and click on Organize option. Select the Folder and Search options menu.

Step 2: You will see an option regarding “Show all folders” and “Automatically expand to the current folder” downside of the General tab and Navigation pane.

Step 3: Check the above option and click on Apply and then Ok to finish the process.

The result will be more complete with showing the list and folders which produce an extra speed of your browsing computer. Now you can easily Navigate pane with the Windows 7 tips titled How To Manage or Customize Navigation Pane Easily In Windows Seven easily.