Tips On Advanced Search Operators For windows 7

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Windows Seven Tips -036: Searching files will be more comfortable on your Windows 7 operating system. Advanced Search operators are probably the best solution provided by Windows 7 tips to find files. With a little information, you can find any documents such as picture, videos, music and other documents.

Advanced query option is the perfect choice for finding files on your computer. Again there are some windows 7 tips, so that the process is smoother than before. Steps that are to be followed are given below:

Step 1: Putting down an Operator, you will find files quicker than you click. From a specific list or property, the search will give results. Open Windows Explorer pop-up window. Go to the search box. Type the file title you know.

Step 2: Add some attachment word before the keyword given the search box. Like “abstract-picture”.

Step 3: You can add the kind of file that you are looking for or the location where it might be kept from Advanced search operators.

Step 4: If you have any idea about the size of the data, add this information too on the ASO.

Again you can use multiple operators also. Using these windows 7 tips will improve your search experience more than ever.