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Aj Himur Biye is another popular book of the famous Himu Series by the easy story teller Humayun Ahmed. In the lifespan of 62 years this versatile Bangla writer created many popular characters in his writings that encouraged people to do something different.

Amongst Humayun Ahmed Books Aj Himur Biye is a different story where Himu’s aunty Majeda Khala tries to marry off Himu to a girl who was in love with a drug addicted boy. Varieties of incidents start to happen after that and it’s a book that no one can resist. You can download this Humayun Ahmed Book Pdf and have the ability to have a different kind of fun. Majeda Khala tries to rescue the girl from her drug addicted boyfriend but Himu was quiet expressionless as he knows his aunt’s peculiar behavior.

Humaun Ahmed always tried to create characters taking inspiration from common people and this Humayun Ahmed Book is an interesting book where you can find many interesting characters. Just download Bangla book PDF named Aj Himur Biye-a Humayun Ahmed Book and have fun.

Name Of The Book: Aj Himur Biye
Name Of The Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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Note: If you like this Bangla book, don't forget to buy a paperback edition of it. On the other hand, Paperback edition usually has more enjoyment than electronic one.