Chader Aloy Koyekjon Jubok by Humayun Ahmed

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To Circle: Chader Aloy Koyekjon Jubok is a story of some young friends. It is an another most popular story of Humayun Ahmed. He always inspires the younger generation of his writing. Chander Aloy Koyekjon Jubok is this type of book. He has told three friends story’s in this book.

Sometimes young become crazier.  Humayun Ahmed has drawn that kind of interesting story in Chader Aloy Koyekjon Jubok. The story of this book begins with three friends named Shamsul Alam, Majid and Mahin. Shamsul Alam has a big family. But he is only earning people in his family. So, they suffer in poverty. A girl likes him named Tithi, student of Shamsul Alam.

And, Majid is another character of this story. He is known as a useless person. Nevertheless, his friends passing a good time with him. Mahin is also an interesting character. To know more about Mahin and other friends download this Bangla PDF Book.

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Humayun Ahmed always tried to escape the generation gap in his all Bangla Books. In his book, he creates an interesting story with three aimless friends who are recognized as a useless person in their situation. To know the full story download this Humayun Ahmed Book PDF.

Name Of The Book: Chader Aloy Koyekjon Jubok
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed

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