What is Sleep Paralysis and Why does It Occur

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Sleep Paralysis is a kind of situation where people become or feel of being paralyzed for a certain moment. There are many people who go through this phenomenon. But many of them are not aware of the term “Sleep Paralysis”. There are so many people who even think it as a paranormal occurrence. So, it is very important to know what Sleep Paralysis actually is and why it occurs because if you want to get rid of it, you must know what reasons are behind it so that you can take proper steps to avoid sleep paralysis or limit the level of its occurrence.

Many people who face such problematic sleep called sleep paralysis feel fear for sound sleep. Moreover, There are some people who think that it is an act of the demon. But the science treats it in a different way.

Sleep Paralysis mainly occurs due to some psychological disorder. Normally, people experience some unwanted and horrible situations during the period of sleep and they can’t move their body due to a sudden paralysis. It is thought that some neurons which are situated in the brain are active even during sleep. These neurons are called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). And because of this REM cells, REM sleep paralysis is occurred. REM sleep paralysis is occurred because of the rapid eye movement even during the sleep and it usually occurs mostly at the last periods of sleep and sometimes people feel a light sleep due to it.

People suffer from different kind of sleep paralysis. But the two major kinds are ISP and RISP. The full form of ISP is Isolated Sleep Paralysis and RISP means Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis. The kind which is commonly seen in people is ISP. This kind of sleep paralysis is comparatively of short period and mostly occurs for once. On the other side, RISP is longer than ISP. It occurs even for an hour or more than that. And during this long period, people experience many incidents which he may not like. But he is unable to do anything because of paralysis.

Studies say that REM is mostly responsible for sleep paralysis. That is why sleep paralysis is also called REM sleep paralysis. Study says that REM sleep paralysis can occur due to some old memories which get consolidated during REM sleep. REM sleep paralysis can occur during the sleep or at the time of awakening. Sometimes it seems like a long dream in which terrible things may happen but you can’t react because of the sudden paralysis in the sleep. Sometimes these terrible occurrences during sleep cause suffocation as you can’t move and become panicked.

REM sleep paralysis is mainly occurred when you are under extreme mental pressure or any psychological problem or disorder. Sometimes some old memories; especially some horrible memories like accidents or something else cut a deep line in your mind and these appears as horrible incidents during the sleep and as a result, sleep paralysis occurs.

People, who are suffering from sleep paralysis, must consult to the doctor because if it is severe, it can harm you psychologically and you may suffer from various other psychological problems. Moreover, you should try to keep your mind always fresh and tension free so that you can live freely. Tension and mental pressure are also very much responsible for this kind of sleep paralysis.