Sleep Paralysis---How to Avoid Sleep Paralysis

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sleep paralysis
A man in sleep paralysis
You are in deep sleep and suddenly you awake up but you can't move your hand, head overall whole body!

Furthermore, you can hear and see everything surrounding yourself! The condition is totally fatal for you! You are trying to move your body, but you can't likewise paralysis.

Sometimes it can be happened in different ways...

You are in deep sleep and all on a sudden, you have discovered that you are awaken and something is coming to you which is dangerous!

You can't move any part of your body and the thing has come or sat on your body. You are now frighten.

You want to get rid of this. You want to run or pass this.

But you can't! You feel like a paralysis patience who has no control on his body or a part of body.  How dangerous it is!

But, after couple of period, you have gotten rid of from this nightmare. You feel like a bird after a cyclone. But, after more couple of periods, you will be more energetic and your memory automatically tries to pass the bad experience.

But it starts, it is dangerous for them who do not know more about this before. However, This is called sleep paralysis. If something like this occurs in your dream, you have faced sleep paralysis experience.

I have been interested to know about this for my personal interest. And after spending 10 days on it I have found that I should make an article on it so that at least few people can know about this.

The experience is definitely ugly but can be interesting one if someone try to enjoy the moment. It sounds crazy but in reality it is definitely hard to enjoy!

Sleep paralysis is normally referred to harmless. But it is very terrible for the person who are in it. It may starts from all on a sudden deep sleep and remains 1 minute to more than one hour.

How to avoid sleep paralysis/How to stop sleep paralysis
It is sleep which make our brain healthy. When you can ensure about healthy sleep pattern, you can avoid sleep paralysis most of time. However, Here are few tips...
  • It usually happens for unusual sleep pattern or lack of sound sleep. So, you need to ensure these. 
  • When you are in it, try to use your memory. Try to move your face or muscle. Your efforts will bring you out from it quickly.
  • It usually happens when people sleep on their back. If You have faced this and felt terrible, next time don't sleep on your back to avoid sleep paralysis. 
  • When you go to bed for sleep, don't be tensed. Try to sleep being out of tension.
  • It is called that someone else touch can bring you out of it. 

Actually, in sleep paralysis, there is nothing to be wrong. So, don't be so hopeless. Try to relax at the moment. It is nothing more than a "walking dream".

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