9 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert

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Today's world can't be thought without the help of Google. Because, every time we want to live better, we need to take the help of information and reliable knowledge source to earn knowledge. In this scenario, Google help us a lot to search and find out most related search information.

Actually, it is not over-talking that Google search has become a companion of us in our regular life.

To search anything, we just need to place the search word into Google search bar and press the enter button. The desired information will be presented in front of you less than 1 second! And you just need to browse the pages which contain your expected information.

What the beauty of modern technology is!

Although, Google will give you providing information based on what you put on the search bar. But, it should learn how to search better on Google. Because, searching in better way can help you to find out most related and reliable information by spending less time.

On the other hand, if you are able to search better on Google, you have the most common & mandatory  knowledge to use the internet in a better way. Because, by the usage of Google search properly, you are able to acquire any knowledge what you need!

  1. On the top of the Google home page, you will see that there are some tabs such as WEB, IMAGE, VIDEOS etc. By specifying tab before your search begins, you will get related search result after your search. Suppose, you search by specifying image tab, then you will get your search output as image. If you select video, then your search keyword will present related videos. 

  2. Use specific words to find out your expected information.

  3. Search with simple words such as where is the nearest airport. If you need to add more descriptive words, you can add likewise place or specific location i.e. Dhaka.

  4.  When you are searching, your chosen words should be selected carefully. Suppose, instead of using my back pain is hurting me, use back pain. Because, it is the word which is used by the medical sites.
  5.  You should not be worried much about spelling and capitalization. Because, Google will fix it. 

  6.  For quick answers on the following terms...

    Weather: You can find out weather situation by searching weather on Google.

    Dictionary: To take the help of Dictionary, you put define in front of your desired word and search Google to get its definition.

    Calculation: Put your math equation such as 7*2537 and press enter.

    Unit Conversation: You can get any conversation such as 5 dollars in euros or 7 Euros in BDT etc.

    Sport: You can see a schedule, game scores and more for a team by searching with the name of your desired sport team.

    Quick Facts: for celebrity, location, movie, song etc you can search on Google by using the name you want to search.

  7. If you want to search without the help of your keyboard, you can search on Google by using your own voice which is called Google Voice Search. After connecting your microphone, say "Ok Google" or use the microphone icon in the search bar to search using your own voice. 

  8. For image search, select the image tab and search Google with your search phrase. For example: After clicking on Image tab, if you search computer, then Google will show you images of computer.  

  9. If you need to get information for a specific period such as last 24 hours, last month, Just click on search tools. Then you will get the option to fix country, time, location etc. After fixing, press enter to get expected result. 

Now, you have better ideas on searching Google better. Actually, it is better to learn the Google search techniques and find out the most useful information. And this can only be happened when you know essential search techniques.

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