How To Download & Install Mojilla Firefox- Internet Browsing Tips

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Internet Browsing Tips Section of LTC: For beginners, Browsing something is very difficult but Mozilla Firefox Tips gives you the instruction, how to browsing in Mozilla Firefox.

Steps 1: First visit the Mozilla website and install the latest version of Firefox

Steps 2: Then Click the "free download" link and follow the simple installation instructions.

Mojilla Firefox

Steps 3: For the new installation, you may ask to import old search data, history & bookmarks etc from you default browser. On the other hand it may ask you to make the Firefox as the default browser of your PC. Click in the file option and then choose import.

Steps 4: Run the Firefox by clicking yes.

Steps 5: Then Firefox automatically shows the option and you have to choose your favorite by clicking yes.

For safe and joyful internet browsing, you can choose Mojilla Firefox as your favorite browser. Because, it has all the functions and easier combination of each tool to another so that an user can get the best browsing experience. 

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