Chittagong Stock Exchange-CSE

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Chittagong Stock Exchange-CSE
Chittagong Stock Exchange or, in a brief concept, CSE, which is one of the two stock markets that controls the share business of Bangladesh. Another share market is Dhaka Stock Exchange.

The attitude that is held by this market is clear enough. CSE is contributing to the commercial development of Bangladesh. The day of entering share business or share trading has found a new era through this opportunity.

History of Founding CSE: Chittagong is the main importing port of Bangladesh. This Seacoast area was a great place for trading. Taking this as a chance, some people with greater vision proposed to found a Stock Exchange. Then they gathered with the view to take regulatory and legal step about this task. After creating a committee, on 10th October, Chittagong Stock Exchange started to take stock business forward. With the help of the Secretariat, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury leaded Chittagong Stock Exchange. After completing the major legal criteria, the honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh aggregated Chittagong Stock Exchange on 4th November, 1995.

Foresight of Chittagong Stock Exchange: Any organization is founded with a vision, with a foresight. Chittagong Stock Exchange also has some vision. But there is one with a great aspect of the development of the commercial side of Bangladesh. Taking the securities and financial products to new height is the foremost vision of Chittagong Stock Exchange. That means that by improving the current position of CSE, the stock business will be much improved and developed. The financial properties of Bangladesh will be introduced to the new system of excellence.

Core Values of CSE: Every person has the right to trade with Chittagong Stock Exchange. This is one of the core values of CSE. Forbidding transparency is also a criteria of core value about this stock market. Trading with excellence is very much inspirable for CSE. Maintaining the harmony of trading is a supportive way of valuing core in CSE. Again the commitment must be kept under the prominence of the stock market. Integrity has to be controlled by theChittagong Stock Exchange. These core values have added an extra function in CSE.

Chittagong Stock Exchange-CSE

Objectives of Chittagong Stock Exchange: Every organization has some objectives. Chittagong Stock Exchange also keeps their own objectives. They are given below:

1. The first objective is to enhance the business turnover.

2. With the development of technology, Chittagong Stock Exchange wants to modernize their trading system.

3. CSE is also working for ensuring relationship of the management structure.

4. Chittagong Stock Exchange is trying heart and soul to achieve the highest level of career opportunities and professionalism. It is creating the confidence area for share-holders.

5. The stock market is engaging the product visions and market diversification.  It allows you to taste the new level of share market. A trader can get a chance to access any product or share with simple procedure.

6. Chittagong Stock Exchange is working for contributing to the capital market policy improvement. This will lead the economic stats of this country to a new dimension.

7. A service which is related to exchange possibly the best chance about Chittagong Stock Exchange.

A new dimension of Share business is waiting at Chittagong Stock Exchange. With the proper vision and objectives, this marketplace will take Bangladesh to a leading country of the world.

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