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Dhaka Stock Exchange is the main place for the business and share market backbone of Bangladesh. It is older than new Bangladesh and still is the best way to take the share business or share trading in Bangladesh to new dimensions.

History of Establishment: Dhaka Stock Exchange was established due to the prohibition of Calcutta Stock exchange. They refused to take action related to Pakistan. So, a primary formation was taken place in Dhaka named as “Dhaka Stock exchange” in 7th July,1953.

The Stock business started with the agreement of 100 persons. They encouraged to make this work. The selection of the place were Dhaka, Narayanganj or Chittagong. Then the committee chose Dhaka. Mr. MehediIspahani was made as convener of the organizing team consisting with top industrialists and business man. Nowadays Dhaka Stock Exchange is also organized by the topmost businessman and industrialist of Bangladesh.

Setting up Membership Fee: The primary decision to become the member of Dhaka Stock Exchange was RS.2000. Again the subscribers had to pay RS.15 per month due to the reason. The first thought of member limit was only 150. Not more than this number was allowed to attend in Dhaka Stock Exchange. While setting up the share business, Bangladesh was moving towards the freedom. Nowadays Bangladesh is standing on the base of new share business. The government is controlling the Stock business with the finest observation. There are opportunities for entering in both Primary and Secondary share business.

Legal Control of Dhaka Stock Exchange: By the act of Securities and Exchange Commission-1993, Dhaka Stock Exchange is a public limited company. It is free in case and easy to control in Bangladesh legal aid. There is the chance to get this share business to a new dimension by setting up the legal permission.
Major Functions of Dhaka Stock Exchange: The major functions briefs are given below:

1. Listing of Companies is one of the major functions of DSE. This function allows to know about the renowned companies of Bangladesh.

2. Nowadays DSE provides with screen based automated trading of listing securities.

3. DSE controls the administration of the market.

4. Market surveillance is strictly observed by DSE.

5. Dhaka Stock Exchange publishes a monthly review.

6. DSE also monitors the activities of listed companies. It is due to the Listing Regulations 42.

7. It raises the fund of investor protection. This ensures about any downfall in share market. There are much more chances to get profit from the market.

8. Announcing the related information of listed companies is also a major criteria of Dhaka Stock Exchange.

9. This also sets up the trading for listed companies. The task is done with the Settlement regulation act.

10. SometimesDhaka Stock Exchange gifts the businessman and trader with approval of shares.

Dhaka Stock Exchange

The future of Dhaka Stock Exchange is very much ensured. It is leading the financial and commercial development of Bangladesh. Since the share market took place in the territory of this country, the rate of remittance and foreign currency is getting high and even higher than before. So, Dhaka Stock Exchange is a very important organ in Bangladesh.

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