How To Add Pin Update To Taskbar In Windows 7

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Windows Seven Tips -028: Adding Pin updates option on the Taskbar is a simple process to do. It will make you aware of the recent updates throughout Windows 7. Here is some working structure provided by Windows 7 tips to add this option to your task bar. The suggestion is as follows:

Step 1: Open Start menu and go to “All programs”. You will find an option named “Windows Updates”.

Step 2: Click on it and hold it. Holding the option with the right mouse button, take it over your desktop. And leave the icon here.

Step 3: Once you release the mouse button, click on the “Create Shortcuts Here” option.

Step 4: Here you have to make a right-click and choose the Windows Update shortcut. Then select the Properties option.

Step 5: Clicking here the properties option of Windows updates will be opened. Then type “cmd /c wuapp.exe” under the Shortcut tab.

Step 6: Minimize the shortcut icon and drag down it to the task bar. Through this, you will be able to launce Windows Pin updates.

Following above steps of Windows 7 tips titled How To Add Pin Update To Task-bar In Windows 7 acknowledges you about Pinning Updates to the task.