How To Hide Drive In Windows 7

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Basic Computer Tips & Tricks Desk Of Life To Circle:  The presented computer tips is going to discuss on the topic titled "How To Hide Drive In Windows 7. "

Windows Seven Tips -034: You might wish to keep your drives hidden and private. For increasing privacy of your computer, Windows 7 tips will help to show the way of hiding drives. Just follows the below suggestion:

Step 1: Firstly you need to open the “regedit.msc” from Run. You have to find out Explorer from the current user.

Step 2: If you become failed to find the explorer key, right-click on the Policy option and name a key as “Explorer”.

Step 3: There is a key called TheNoDrive key which might not exist by default. Create one key with this available name. Right-click on the new32 bit DWORD and then rename it as “NoDrives”.

Step 4: If you want to hide drives from A to F, then you need to convert that letter from the chart of decimal to binary. For hiding multiple drives the correct binary code should be entered.

Step 5: Use the correct code of the drive which you want to hide. Input it and see your private drive or drives has gone!

By following above windows 7 tips titled How To Hide Drive In Windows 7, hide any of your drives and feel more private by keeping your privacy.