Bangla Science Fiction Eron By Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To Circle:   Eron is a book written by Mohammad Jafar Iqbal. He is one of the famous and powerful writers of Bangla literature. Though he is a professor of CSE department he continues his writing. Basically he is a scientific writer and people assume him as a science fiction writer. Eron is also a science fiction. In this book he tries to explain every scientific matter vey beautifully.

The story starts with a boy named Eron. He is very frustrated and tensed about his life.  He can’t understand what happens to him.

And He doesn’t know how he can fix the entire problem. At last he decides to suicide. But when he reaches his house some interesting happens will occur. He saw a middle aged women and she trying to help him. What happens next…? If you want to know then download Mohammad Jafar Iqbal books.

Like all the books of Mohammad Jafar Iqbal this one also has suspense, drama, scientific explanation, thrill and many more. In this story you meet with a robot which helps Eron in many ways. This is one of the experimental works of the writer and it amused you surely. So download the Bangla Book PDF and fell the adventure.

Name Of The Book: Eron
Name Of The Author: Muhammad Zafor Iqbal
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