Bangla Novel Tetul Bone Jochona By Humayun Ahmed

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Tetul Bone Jochona is a novel by Humayun Ahmed. Though Humayun Ahmed was a professor of Dhaka University he was famous for his writing. He has presented us hundreds of his literary works. This book is the output of his great literary work.

In our society there are some bad leaders who always try to take benefits from others. Humayun Ahmed was presented someone like them in this novel. The story is start with Anis who has married a girl. The couple lives happily and they enjoy their happy married life. But they don’t know what future is wait fro them.

And, One day the girl does something and suddenly…..? What happened next if you want to know then Download this Bangla Book Tetul Bone Jochona?

In our world if you do good for someone you will get it return. On the other hand if you do anything wrong you will definitely get it back. This is the moral of this novel. Like all other Humayun Ahmed Books it has also trill, drama, suspense and many more. This novel is like magic which attract you from your heart to finish whole writing at once. So if you want to enjoy the thrill of this novel download Humayun Ahmed books PDF named Tetul Bone Jochona.

Name Of The Book: Tetul Bone Jochona
Name Of The Author: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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