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Free Bangla Book Download Desk Of Life To Circle: Humayun Ahmed is writer of hearsay in Bangla literature world. Holud Himo Kalo Rab is one of the most popular story of famous Himu Series. In this story, Himu faced RAB with an autobiographical book of a militant leader.

Himu starts narrating this story about meeting with Bajlu, a little roadside tea seller boy. Himu drank tea, but denied paying. In Humayun Ahmed books of Himu Series we have seen that Himu can pass away from Police easily with a gossip.  But this time Himu was caught by RAB with a book of Cengis Khan. RAB suspect him as a militant and take him to their office. They asked some police station for information about Himu. But two officers of different stations told that Himu is mad. Again RAB officer asks Himu for a contact number. Himu gave his elder aunties’ number. RAB called her for information, but his aunty gave some negative informations about Himu. At this time, a RAB member gets injured because of Himu. To know what happened with Himu in RAB quarter download this Bangla Book.

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You have to download this Bangla book PDF named Holud Himu Kalo Rab to take the full beer and skittles on this story. To know the full story download Humayun Ahmed book.

Name Of The Book: Holud Himu Kalo Rab 
Name Of The Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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