Flag Chart Pattern

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Flag chart pattern is also a continuation chart pattern like pennant chart pattern.

We know that pennant is the small version of symmetrical triangle chart pattern. On the other hand, flag is  another version of rectangle chart pattern.

We will make you clear about the difference of both rectangle chart pattern and flag chart pattern.

Can you remember something about rectangle chart pattern ?

The flag chart pattern is like rectangle chart pattern.

But the difference is here that they are not almost flat like rectangle chart pattern. It is one of the most significant characteristic of flag chart pattern.

Flag Chart Pattern

There are no rules about their flatness. If you found a rectangle which is flat, then you've found a rectangle chart pattern, not a flag chart pattern.

So, it is important to check the slope of the pattern.

Flag Chart Pattern

So, after a bullish flag, we can expect an another turn of price up move. On the contrary, after a bearish flag, we can expect an another turn of price down move.

Because, we know that it is a continuation chart pattern.

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