Presiding Partitions on Windows 7-Tips & Tricks

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Windows Seven Tips -026: If you wish to create a new partition on your disk and manage it without any third-party software, then this Windows 7 tips will help you to do so. With this option, you can use more space for your day to day work and for your entertainment.

Sometimes software is needed for presiding partitions. But Windows 7 built-in feature has made this easy to go process for any user. Here is some suggestion which will provide you tips of presiding partitions without any software on Windows 7.

Step 1: Open Start menu and type “Disk management”. Enter in the sub-heading menu when it appears.

Step 2: Right-click on the chosen partition that you would like to preside over.

Step 3: Choose the Delete Volume option for formatting. You can also change the character format for the drive letter.

Step 4: Complete presiding partition as you wish.

Maintaining  step by step which has been narrated above will help for presiding partitions on windows seven. With Windows 7 tips presiding over partitions on Windows 7 is easier to be performed.