How To Keep 'Desktop Icon Text' Hidden On Windows Seven

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Basic Computer Tips Desk Of Life To Circle:  The following computer tips is going to narrate on How To Keep 'Desktop Icon Text' Hidden On Windows Seven.

Basic Windows Seven Tips -001: Keeping Desktop Icon Hidden or invisible on windows 7 is a simple job. Sometime we want to hide the name of the desktop icon text as the icons are enough. Windows 7 tips are here for you to follow.

Step 1: Select the Icon of which you want to hide the text.

Step 2: Right click on your mouse and select rename.

Step 3: Pressing the Alt button type 255 as Alt+255. Use the right sided number pad on your keyboard. If you have a laptop or notebook use Numlock and then type the number.

Step 4: The previous step will work for the first Icon but for the second Icon you have to type 255 twice and for the third Icon type 255 thrice.

Now, following these simple Windows 7 tips you have Desktop Icons without any text. This tip is more applicable in Windows 7.

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