Asif Akbar-Popular Bangla Song-Biography and Photography

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Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar is a famous Bangladeshi pop singer.  He is also a social worker as well as a politician. He was an journalist of a daily Bangla newspaper for a period. He is operating a popular restaurant in his own town named comilla.

Early Life of Asif Akbar
He was born in Comilla in 25 March, 1972. His nick name is Mithu. His father's name is Ali Akbar, who was a famous lawyer and mother's name is Rokeya Akbar.

He is the 6th of his 7 siblings. Asif Akbar got married to Salma Akbar Mitu in 1992 and it was a love marriage. They are happy couple, having two sons.

The Dream of Asif Akbar
Once upon a time in his life, the popular BD singer who has own kingdom on Bangla Music world or Bangla Song World, has a dream to become a popular cricketer. It was the first and valuable aim of his life. But, the luck has shown something else which all of us know now.

Asif Akbar
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Personality of Asif Akbar
Mr. Asif really maintains strong personality which are very rare in other singers of Bangla Songs atmosphere. With simply dress up and a glass on eyes, He looks a strong man and his face shows strong and steady personality. He retains his intelligence on his speech too. To judge this, just watch a TV show of the popular BD singer Asif Akbar.

Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar

Beginning The Journey into Bangla Songs World  of Asif Akbar
Asif's debut album was O Priya tumi kothay, released on 30 January 2001, and was a great hit in history, which got him extreme popularity in Bangladesh with the hit song “O Priya Tumi Kothay”. After the hit year with the publication of his firs album, he released 3 more albums, which were also successful in business.

Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar

The Singer Career of Asif Akbar
From the beginning to now he has about 29 solo albums, sang so many duets as well as did playback singing in lots of Bangla cinemas. His many popular songs have been included as title song in many Bangla Drama or Bangla Natok. He has also so many duet and mix albums with various popular singer such as
Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kumar Sanu, Bappa Majumdar, Dolly Shaontoni, Suzana Ansar Sonia, Kaniz Suborna, Dinat Jahan Munni, Monir Khan and so many others.
The Live Concerts of Asif Akbar
He does live performance in concerts and also he has been seen in many several TV Commercials. Asif Akbar gains a lot of awards in his life including National Film Awards (2nd time) and Meril Prothom Alo Awards (5th time).

Asif Akbar
Concert in Sydney-20-05-2007

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The Back to the Bangla Music World of Asif Akbar
He retired from commercial singing on 17 March 2010 to concentrate on his political career. But he becomes regular in the world of music again by singing in a television program, named phonolive musical show in Desh TV, which was telecasted on  last 27th May’13 at 11:45pm. Asif said
"Although I bade farewell to the music world once, But I have decided to come back again on people’s request and demand."
And finally he resigned as member of BNP's central executive committee, according to people close to him and returned to commercial singing again with the solo album tiled X-Prem in August 2013. Then his album is Bedonar Alpin with Shoshi, released on 16 December 2013. Lately Asif Akbar and Nancy’s first duet album Jhograr gaan was released on this Eid-UL-Azha. Asif Akbar said about their duet album Jhograr Gaan was the first duet album with BD singer Nancy. This album holds 12 songs in total, all duets, 10 basic songs and rest two are of Hemanta Mukhapadhay’s. The basic songs were written by Bakiul Alom, Kabir Bakul, Pradip Shah, Rajib Ahmed and Robiul Islam Jibon. Monwar Hossain Tutul was in tune and the music was arranged by Ahmed Kislu.

Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar

As the first duet album was successful in the business, So, Nancy and Asif akbar decided to publish a new duet album of them. Nancy said,
"Asif Akbar is my favorite artist. His songs are always good. Our previous album was successful and praised by the audience. Hopefully, the audience will like the upcoming album."
Then they have started work on another album. The new album was titled Sondeho. As they said that their new album would be released on the day designated for lovers-Valentine’s Day, the new album Sondeho is published on Valentine’s Day, 2014. It was published by Arb Entertainment Ltd.

Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar

Music Albums by Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar has passed a long path with awesome and fresh Bangla songs in the Bangla song world with mass popularity. Frankly speaking, there are very few singers in Bangladesh who have attained such vast popularity and kept the popularity and success for such a long time!

All Solo Albums
Years No. Album Name Genre Notes
2001 001 O Priya Tumi Kothay Pop Debut album

Beginning of Placing "Tumi" in the album title
2002 002 Tumi Shukhi Hou Pop "Tumi" in the album title
003 Tumi Kotha Rakhoni Pop "Tumi" in the album title
004 Tumio Kadbe Ekdin Pop "Tumi" in the album title
2003 005 Shukhe Theko Tumi Bandhobi Pop "Tumi" in the album title
006 Pashanee Tumi Pashanee Pop "Tumi" in the album title
007 Tumi Mone Rakhoni Pop "Tumi" in the album title
2004 008 Ek Bar Bolo Tumi Pop "Tumi" in the album title
009 Keno Tumi Shukhe Thakbe Pop "Tumi" in the album title
010 Tumi Bhalobasoni Pop "Tumi" in the album title
011 Tobu Bhalobashi Pop First album which does not include the word "Tumi"
2005 012 Batashe Prem Uriye Dio Pop
013 Bachbona Pop
014 Jabab Dao Pop
2006 015 Avinoy Pop
016 Songshar Pop
017 Ridoye Rokto Khoron Pop
2007 018 Bondi Pop
019 Sharto Pop
020 Baikaler Chad Pop
2008 021 Kichu Vul Kichu Smriti Pop
022 Akhono Joshna Dekhi Pop
023 Ek Phota Ossru Pop
2009 024 Bondhu Tor Khobor Kire Pop
025 Pani Nai Cokhe Pop
026 Sei Din Guli Koi Pop
027 Dorodiaray Folk
028 Shonkolito Desher Gaan Pop Last solo album before retirement
2013 029 Ex-Prem PopFirst solo album after come back

Without solo album, Asif has vocalized so many Bangla songs on many duet albums. The sum of total solo albums and duets albums beyond the number 120(Approximately).

All(Almost) Duets Albums
No. Album Name No. Album Name
001 Aar Koto Kadabe 045 Kotha Mone Rakhbe
002 Abang Ami 046 Kotha Roteche
003 Ajosrobar Khoma Cheyachi 047 Kotota Raat Eka Eka
004 Aktai Prosno Amar 048 Maya
005 Amar Prio Bandhobi 049 Milon
006 Ami Tumi Sey 050 Misti Maya
007 Ami Vul Korachi 051 Mon
008 Amra Dujone 052 Mon Chuya Jai
009 Anmona 053 Mon Jole
010 Ananto Apekha 054 Mon Poboner Naw
011 Anubhabe 055 Na Pawar Betha
012 Aporadhi 056 Priya Kache Nei
013 Asman Sakhi 057 Nei Tumi Kache
014 Aye Firae Aye 058 Nirobota
015 Aito Jibon 059 Oi Duti Chokhe
016 Bartho Premer Galpo 060 Obohela
017 Bayna 061 Priya Nei Prithibite
018 Bedonar Asru 062 Opekhai Thako
019 Bhulte Parina Sathi 063 Prosno Jaga Mone
020 Birohi Ridoy 064 Papi
021 Bishonno Sondha 065 Pinjira
022 Badhon 066 O Priya Tumi Kothay
023 Bondhu Maya Nai 067 Saat Asman
024 Bondhure 068 Premer Juari
025 Bujhini Kadabe 069 Premer Agun Buke
026 Chader Desher Konna 070 Shono Anonna
027 Chele Manushi 071 Swapner Duare
028 Cholo Jai Ojanai 072 Swapnobihin
029 Keno Dekhlam Tare 073 Sukher Sohor
030 Dukhini Raat 074 Sukhi Hote Paroni
031 Dukho Kosto Jantrana 075 Swapnorani
032 Ei Maya 076 Swapno Dekhi
033 Eka Tumi Janlena 077 Thikana Biheen Pothe
034 Firbona Aaj Bari 078 Tomake Dekhina Kotodin
035 Fis Fas Fis 079 Tumi Amar Swapno Ghuri
036 Har Manachi 080 Tumi Bina
037 Har Manachi 081 Tumi Elena
038 Hira Chuni Panna 082 Tumi Swapno Amar
039 Jai Din Jai 083 Valobaste Dile Na
040 Jete Chai Prem Nagor 084 Uru Uru Mon
041 Kamon Acho Notun Thikanai 085 Valo Achoto
042 Kamon Acho Tumi 086 Valobasha Noy Oporadh
043 Kande Mon 087 Valobasha Tomake Dhonnobad
044 Khoma Koro Upoma 088 Jhograr Gaan

Some Popular Songs of Asif Akbar
It is common that as an Asif fan, A person will search popular songs of this great singer. We've thought about this concept and made the list of some popular songs singed by Asif Akbar.

Song No. Songs Name
001 Koto Din Dekhi Na Tomay
002 Parajito Valobasa
003 Eito Jibon
004 Ma Janani
005 Ami Chai Sabi Vule
006 Herechi Ki Ami Eka Aparjita
007 O Priya Tumi Kothay
008 Bhalobese Vul Korechi
009 Pasani Tumi Pasani
010 O Pasani Bole Jao
011 Sharther Prithibite
012 Sanchita Fire Eso
013 Bibekhina
014 Ananto Opekkha
015 Karagar
It is hard to select some songs where all of songs of Asif are almost greatly popular. However, If you need more shortest list of Asif Akbar's songs, click on top 10 popular songs of Asif Akbar.

Finally, Watch the informal documentary video based on Asif Akbar regular life named Off The Record | Asif Akbar

However, Asif Akbar is still the one of the most  popular BD Singers who sing Bangla song. Actually, It is really hard to measure the popularity of Asif Akbar. Because, It is hard to find out the absence of his existence through out Bangladesh!


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