Top 10 Bangla Song of the Popular Singer Asif Akbar

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Top 10 Songs of Asif Akbar It is really very hard work to make a top ten list from a huge collection where all of songs of Asif Akbar are vastly popular. So, frankly speaking, the top 10 songs of Asif Akbar or, the top 10 songs list of Asif Akbar is not a good enough. Because, others songs of this extremely popular singer are touched greatly his fans and listeners.

Consequently, Below is a list which shows top 10 songs of Asif Akbar. Note that, The list has been made by following my judgement only where I am listening his songs from his first album publication.

If you are one of asif fans, You may understand how hard the task to make a list from his so many songs where all of songs are my favorite. However, Check out the list named Top 10 songs of Asif Akbar.
Top 10 Songs of Asif Akbar
No. Songs Name Album Name
001 O Priya Tumi Kothay O Priya Tumi Kothay
002 Protarona Tumi E Sukhi Hou
003 Ekaki Gavir Rate Kemon Acho Tumi
004 Kichu Vul Kichu Smriti Kichu Vul Kichu Smriti
005 Boro Vul Korechi
Tumi Bhalobasoni
006 Hridoy Bojhar Mon Ekbar Bolo Tumi
007 Tumi Nei Ami Vul Korechi
008 Ananto Opekkha Ananto Apekkha
009 Nadi Tobu Valobasi
010 Ai Kemon Parinati Shukhe Theko Tumi Bandhobi
Again Note: Don't take the list seriously. It is just for amusement purpose. Nevertheless, It may really become helpful for those Asif fans who have not heard these songs yet.

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Asif Akbar
Asif Akbar

Frankly speaking, If you are an Asif fan, You can keep these songs collection near to you. Because, I've noticed that almost all of people surrounding me, don't dislike these songs(even who have allergy to Asif).